all stickers for the abarth 500 and abarth 595
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Spring Drop

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The perfect start
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How does CapoRace work?

We specialize in the individual lines of your model and have developed an entire design that makes your car sportier, more aggressive and more valuable. Our goal is that with every sticker you buy, you get closer to your finished project piece by piece. You set the pace.

Step 1:
Choose your brand and model
Then get an overview of the stickers available for your car.

Step 2:
Think about your car color, which color concept your stickers should have.
You can get some inspiration from our social media channels. There we show endless combination possibilities for all colors and models.

Step 3:
Now it’s time to bond.

Find a suitable day at the weekend and at best look for someone to assist you. This can be your father,
be your best friend or anyone else.
Otherwise, you can simply glue the stickers on your own.


Quality made in Germany

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For our stickers we only use the high-quality films from premium manufacturers such as Oracal, Orafol and Metamark. No cheap China foil. Multi-coloured stickers are hand-made from several foils and are not printed cheap stickers. Thus, we guarantee a long service life, rich colours without fading and a tangible and realistic structure for carbon films.

Very simple bonding

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We accompany you on your project and help you with our beginner-friendly step-by-step guide to help you get to your destination quickly and safely. The simple bonding saves you a lot of money from the follower. This is the perfect alternative to full folding and in the end you even save money. Each sticker was previously foiled by ourselves. This guarantees that the sticker fits 100%.

Customer support in your language

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We have accompanied hundreds of projects and have self-foiled many of them, we are guaranteed to help you with our expertise. We are here to support you in your project so that it will be a complete success.