How is a sticker structured?
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For which stickers is the wet bonding suitable?

For large-area stickers we recommend wet bonding.

The self-adhesive film is transferred wet to the vehicle surface and can be moved at will to ensure a clean and straight bonding.

Pros and cons

quickly and easily glue
bubble-free ✔ can be moved when

not glueable alone with large stickers

What do I need to glue the sticker?

How do I maintain my sticker?

Do not wash the sticker with aggressive or silicone-loosening plasters.

After the adhesive, do not clean for 7 days (even longer in case of cold) or only with extra care.

The stickers are washable and can therefore be easily integrated into the washing system after 48 hours.

When cleaning with high-pressure cleaners at the sb-station:
• Min. 50cm distance from the foil
• Do not direct the water jet directly at the film edges

Advantages of our stickers

Tip! If air bubbles nevertheless occur when bonding, they are easy to remove with a pointed needle. Use the needle to pierce into the air bubble and brush over it with your hand or squeegee so that the air escapes. Small air bubbles disappear over time by themselves due to the heat of the sun’s irradiation.

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